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About DEX

Our vision is to be a leading global company to revolutionize how people and businesses connect and drive value through digital engagement platforms (supporting social, online, mobile, smart devices, etc.).

The coming engagement wave will be very disruptive and create many business opportunities. We will be an instrumental part of this wave!

Our mission is to deliver technology-enabling solutions that help businesses and people to better engage intuitively with real-time experience through digital content.

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Our Team

We have an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs with more than 30 years in industry and academia with deep domain and professional expertise, across technology, business management, and marketing. This team is well experienced in serving multiple major brands in several industries, including Banking, Quick Service Restaurants, and Retail. We worked closely with multiple stakeholders of clients including Marketing and Administration, Operations, and IT as well as with their partners and/or store/branch managers.


  • H. Ghenniwa
  • S. Asare
  • K. Badawy

  • A. Bienkowski
  • J. Brunner
  • E. Elliott

  • A. Hussain
  • A. Johnson
  • J. Kemp

  • I. Khan
  • S. Moursi
  • M. Polyakin

  • A. Samani
  • A. Shami
  • S. Talbot

  • T. Van Rys
  • A. Wahaishi