DEX pioneered technology-enabled solutions that help organizations, businesses and people connect and drive value through digital engagement platforms including social, online, mobile, etc.

DEX developed the Integrated Channel Engagement (ICE) platform based on disruptive smart technologies to transform the digital presence of people, businesses, and organizations into a “true” engaging and active experience.

It is beyond the traditional digital experience (DX).

The impact of our innovation spans across multiple spaces!

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DEX Integrated Channel Engagement for Education platform redefines the e-Learning industry to meet the needs of the new generation learners (digital-native)! It enables educators and learners to establish an engaging and active learning process that can last a lifetime through personalized and collaborative experiences across all digital channels. All can be optimized by capturing and using rich insights in real-time for educators, institutions, and learners.

Learners can engage with a personalized and collaborative learning experience that can last a lifetime with the convenience of anytime, anywhere, any-channel, any-device.

Educators can have an intuitive environment to build an engaging learning process that can be tailored to individual learners with the ability to set one-to-one engagement opportunities with learners anywhere.

Institutions can have a platform that enables them to customize learning offerings with global reach, and to leverage investments in other learning technologies.




DEX Integrated Channel Engagement for Marketing enables marketers to manage and deliver Digital Experiences using multi-channel real-time agile marketing strategies, executed within the content.

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DEX Integrated Cloud Platform provides a suite of services for cloud based integration and deployment,including private, public and hybrid that meet the needs for mid to large initiatives for businesses, organizations and government institutions. ICP enables our clients to develop, execute and govern integration flows of cloud-based solutions that are configurable to enable effective and efficient management operationally with efficient total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).

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